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Employment Opportunities

Are you a lender or real estate agent looking for a great opportunity to make some extra money working with the professionals you already know?  As a sales representative for our newsletter program you can still manage your current business and present our product to real estate and lending professionals in your area.  Sound good?  Read on to find out more!

OUTSIDE SALES REPRESENTATIVE: Earn $20,000 to $45,000 a year/part time.

Commission, bonus and great benefits. We are the fastest growing personal marketing company for real estate agents in the United States. Our flagship publication is a very customized, personalized two color newsletter.

We are looking for reps in Southern CALIFORNIA, Northern CALIFORNIA (in and around the San Francisco Bay Area), ARIZONA (near Phoenix), TEXAS (near Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin and Houston areas), WASHINGTON (near Seattle), GEORGIA (near Atlanta), FLORIDA, PENNSYLVANIA (near Pittsburgh), Southern CAROLINA, and Northern CAROLINA. Other areas are open for the RIGHT person. You will be making sales presentations to real estate agents at offices within approximately one hour's driving time of your home.

There is no closing required and we do the prospecting for you and set your appointments. No weekends or evenings. Ongoing support for family and outside interests.

Sales Executive Manager - Lana Evans

We need you to be:
  • Well spoken.
  • Well dressed.
  • A self-starter.
  • Organized.
  • Hard working.
  • Past or present real estate sales experience (or experience in the real estate industry).
  • Sober and drug free.
  • Willingness to do aggressive follow-up.
  • Have another source of income for no less than the first 90 days.

If you are interested in a great career opportunity with an established marketing company, please send your resume to: LanaEvans@aol.com

You’re Part of Our Team

As a member of TMA Farm Net's sales team, you will be expected to contribute your talents and energies to sell the company's products and services. In return, you will be given opportunities to share in TMA Farm Net's growth and income.

TMA Farm Net is dedicated to the following standard:

To provide our clients with the highest quality products and services at the best prices with the highest service possible.

To provide our Sales Executives with the opportunity to be as productive as possible in their working hours and in doing so to earn an income that rewards their hard work. The only things we require for compensation, advancement, and benefits are results and a good team attitude. No one will be denied opportunities or benefits on the basis of age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions; nor will anyone receive special treatment for those reasons.

These Questions

These questions have been prepared to inform you about TMA Farm Net, Inc.'s sales representative program, how that program works and how you will be compensated. Please don't hesitate to call and ask more questions. We will gladly answer them.

How many hours a week would I be working?

As you know you are a "Independent Contractor" Because of that we are unable to tell you how many hours to work but the hours you put into your job would be dependent on a number of things.

  • How many real estate offices are within a 50-mile drive of your home.
  • How much money you would like to make.
  • The amount of time you feel you can give to this endeavor.
  • Your follow-up ability.
You will be paid a commission based on the following:

If the agents prints 3000+ monthly $600
If the agents prints 2000+ monthly $525
If the agents prints 1500 monthly/3000 bi monthly $490
If the agents prints 1000 monthly/2000 bi monthly/3000 per ¼ $455
If the agents prints 750 monthly/1500 bi monthly/2000 per ¼ $420
If the agents prints 500 monthly/1000 bi monthly/1500 per ¼ $385
If the agents prints 750 bi- monthly $350
If the agents prints 1000 per ¼ $315
If the agents prints 200 monthly/500 bi monthly/750 per ¼ $280
If the agents prints 500 per ¼ or 200 bi-monthly $245
If the agents prints 200 per ¼ $210

A bonus will be paid once a year of $25 per invoiced member as of the Jan. invoices. Members must have been signed as of Oct 1 of the year the bonus is paid.

How will I be trained?

We will send you videotape and/or an audiotape of the "perfect" office presentation for your review and study. We do understand that you will develop your own style and voice. We also may fly someone out to your area to "open" a office or two with you.

How long is an office presentation and what does it consist of?

Most owner/managers will allow you between 10 and 30 minutes to make your presentation. This will be done in three parts. Part one will be a history of Farm Net along with our corporate mission. You will then pass around a clipboard with two areas on it: an appointment list and a showed interest area. Part two will be a motivational talk concerning our research on what top real estate agents have in common. Part three will be an explanation of the "Farm Net" program. The agents that would like to meet with you that day will put their name down for a time to talk with you and the agents that find that the presentation day is not a good day to meet with you will put their name in the showed interest column. At most offices the agents will then go on preview or caravan homes. You will then wait in the office and meet with any agents that have appointments. After the caravan you will find that even if no one has signed for a time a number of people will want to meet with you. You will then stay in the office and meet with the agents that have appointments that day. At the end of the day you will fax us the sign up sheets of the new members along with the list of the people who have shown interest. We will then send a letter and/or note to them under your signature letting them know that you will be contacting them.

How long could I expect to be at an office?

That depends on what time the office meeting starts, how long the agents are on caravan and the number of people that want to talk to you. There also may be breaks between appointments. We have found that you will be finished in an office no earlier than 10 a.m. or later than 4 p.m.

How many people sign up for the program in the typical office?

We have found that about 50% of an office attend an office meeting. Of the 50% of the agents on an office roster that attend your presentation 10 to 20% will sign up for the program that day or over the next two weeks. For example:

Let’s say there are 30 agents in an office. 15 of them attend the office meeting and your presentation. You would then expect 2 to 4 people to sign up on that day.

How much could I expect to make?

Let’s say you open two offices a week. Or nine offices a month. We have found that you would be at the average office about four or five hours and enroll 2 to 3 people. The average commission is about $325 per person. Two new member times $325 would be $650 per office. Nine offices times $650 would be $5850 per month or $70,200 per year. Plus your year end bonus. You would need to adjust this up or down to fit your situation.

How much cold calling would I have to do?

Because of the way that our program is set up you would have to do very little if any cold calling. We will obtain a list of all the real estate offices located within 50 miles of your home. We will then start to "farm" the owner/managers of these offices. All the materials that we send will have your name, photo and phone number on them. We have found that a good number of these owner/managers will call us or you to set up an office appointment so that you can present the Farm Net program. In any case when you do call and ask for an appointment they will know who you are and the purpose of the call.

What determines the size or number of offices in a territory?

When we first make up a prospecting list for a new account executive we pull up all the national and local real estate companies with offices within 50 to 100 miles of the account executive’s home. We then call each of these offices and confirm that the telephone number is a good one, that they are still in business, the name of the manager and that there are more than ten agents in the office along with the day of their office meeting. If the final confirmed number is greater than 500 offices we will adjust the miles downward until the list is fewer than 500. With 500 major offices in a territory the account executive should be able to make appointments with two office managers a week. We are flexible regarding the above and it will be finalized on a case by case basis.

What if the account executive lives in a smaller metropolitan area that does not have 500 offices or if he or she does not want to drive one hour or more to present to eight offices a month?

The amount of time the account executive is able to spend on TMA Farm Net business is limited by the number of offices within the area they are willing or able to drive to . We will, working with the account executive, come up with a territory that meets both their needs and ours. Remember that we will want as much of the country covered as possible. We would expect a full time person to cover approximately 500 major offices (offices with more than 10 agents). We will not give a territory to anyone that cannot or will not open two offices per month for each 60 major offices in their territory.

Payment of the sign up commission.

When a account executive signs a new Farm Net member they will be paid a commission if:

1. The new member has provided the corporate office with all the information needed to begin membership.
2. The new member has paid the corporate office their set up fee, bulk mail fee (if applicable) and first month’s dues. Members doing bulk mail will have their mailing costs invoiced separately because the exact number in a mailing list would still have to be determined.

Date of payment of commissions.

The member invoice commission report is sent on the 15th of the month.
The commission is sent on the 15th of the month along with the report.
One half of the commission is paid in the month when the new member is first invoiced and one half is paid with the second invoice.

If the home office signs someone in a territory who gets the sign up fee?

If the person signing is a "blue bird" (who knows where they came from) or they came from our national, local advertising, our web site or from a convention or show the home office retains the sign up fee if they call us first. If the person is a referral from an active member in a territory a $100 referral fee will be paid to the referring member as credit toward newsletter printing. If the person signing up is in an office, or was in an office, that the account executive has made a presentation to in the past and no referral needs to be paid to a current member, the account executive will be paid the sign up fee no matter who signs that new member. Minus $50.00. This $50.00 is given to the person taking the call and signing up the client.

What prospecting, marketing and/or sales costs are borne by the corporate office and what are borne by the account executive?

TMA Farm Net will pay for the following:
1. A dedicated prospecting phone line/fax line including the monthly service and all local calls as long as this line is used exclusively for Farm Net business.
2. Board dues at local board’s real estate. (If you are not already a member.)
3. All Farm Net materials and supplies, letterhead in the account executive’s name, and business cards.

Conventions and Rallies

At times the account executive may be asked to participate in national conventions and local company rallies to represent Farm Net. For these approved functions the corporate office will pay for:
Transportation (airline tickets).
A food allowance of up to 30.00 per day.
Rental car (if necessary).
The corporate office will make all hotels, airline and car reservations. At national conventions, two account executives of the same gender may share a hotel room.

Is there a budgeted expense account and if so what are the terms and conditions when it can be used?

The account executive does not have a budgeted expense account BUT we understand that he or she may expend money that both the Account Executive and the corporate office will benefit.
This includes taking an important broker out to lunch, staying at a motel if necessary, etc. 50% of the expenses will be paid by the corporate office and 50% will be charged to the account executive. The Chief Operation Officer must approve all expenses of this type.

Appointment Setter/Telemarketer

$100 per presentation set up and attended by representative (must be at least 10 agents attending the presentation).  You are able to work from home. Must be self motivated, excellent phone skills, and able to devote at least 6 hours per day to appointment setting.